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The consulting services, offered by our company, are as varied as each individual company's needs. Whether you need custom software, web architecture and development or the enterprise solution, we offer you high quality, fast and deep knowledge consultations. Our consulting service is a cost-effective and timely way for you to leverage our expertise. We can help you in planning and designing; determine what development process would be most appropriate for you and advise you a suitable technology or strategy.

We can do

We possess a high level of expertise and a strong knowledge base in many spheres of Information Technologies. Our team provides consulting services in the following fields:

  • Custom programming for most languages and platforms.
  • Analysis, planning and research.
  • Technology, strategy and hardware advising.
  • User interface design.
  • Database, Client/Server and Multi-tier systems.
  • Networking solutions.
  • Web-design.
  • E-commerce and Secure on-line solutions.
  • E-commerce marketing.
  • Graphics design and 3-D modeling. (opt.)
We have a number of talented managers, programmers and designers that can consult you on full time or per hour basis. For more information, please feel free to contact us via email.


We demand that our specialists spend at least 1 day of each week, building up their knowledge and skills. Our workers always go ahead of all. Cooperate with us and you'll get access to future technologies today! We could present a list of our skills and qualifications, but it would take too much time and space. We are constantly learning something new, so the list of proofs of our knowledge is unlimited. Feel free to ask any questions via email about our knowledge or simply contact us for more information about our consulting services.


The price for consultation or advice is hard to calculate. Nobody wants to pay big money simply for an advice or even for a complete solution, but good advice or consultation, given on time, can save you a lot more money! Feel free to contact us to ask what kind of consulting do you need and we will discuss the price. If you need a preliminary calculation right now, our per hour rates starts from $10 per hour.

Consulting On Demand™

Consulting On Demand™ is a special services program for our regular customers. This program allows you to get a consultation or an advice from our specialists in any time, as fast as possible, and without additional payments. Consulting On Demand™ is a subscription service; there are monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options:

  • 1 month subscription: $300
  • 1 quarter (3 months) subscription: $600
  • 1 year subscription: $1500

Each customer who joins this program can demand any consultations in the Information Technology field during the subscription term free of charge. Also, the customer gets access to the password-protected forums and conferences. If you want to subscribe, please contact us via email. Also feel free to contact us to discuss any questions about the Consulting On Demand™ program.
Need a quick answer or consultation in IT fields?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Rates from $10 per hour!
A brief list of our clients:

FlexGraphics Software, Ltd.

FlexGraphics Software, Ltd. is a leading company of CAD and CAM solutions for Borland Delphi.
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